slytherin_spy (slytherin_spy) wrote in caer_gwynenid,

Forcing his way back through the door, Snape comes into the Estate. He's been gone all night.

He checks the wards, feels the streaming madness of them, and winces away. The house feels solid enough. Good. A loud crash from the balcony sends him spinning, wand in hand. Murgatroyd is there.

Forcing the door open, the stench of ether and ionized air coming from the creature nearly makes him gag. "You've...been flying through the wards." The thestral whickers, looking self-satisfied, and holds up the corpse of an owl. Tied to its leg is a note.


Where are you? Your presence is required.


"Oh fuck me, the Mark." It was burning yesterday. He'd forgotten. "No. No, I am trapped in my house Lucius, I cannot possibly get anywhere, your owl is dead and I cannot be reached. No. I am not going. Not this time."

He crumples the note and sets it on fire, throwing it onto the balcony. He turns to Murgatroyd. "Thank you. Eat the creature, or leave it for the foxes."

Mouth a tight line, he goes looking for Nathaniel. Or Lee. Trapped in this big old monster house all by themselves, who knows what state they were in.
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